The Priests’ rising star Park So-dam does an attention grabbing black and white photo shoot


Park So-damPark So-dam

The hot, rising star actress Park So-dam has been receiving a lot of attention for her elegant and feminine photos, being released in the January issue of Bazaar Korea.

Actress Park So-dam has done a photo shoot and interview with the fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaar Korea, for their January issue. In the released photos Park So-dam’s mysterious and seductive nature is emphasized in the black and white photos. She shows off a petite charm in the photos.

Park So-dam is rocking the mid-winter short hair cut style in the photos. The messy and unorganized hairstyle and dramatic eyes emphasized through her makeup, increase her elegance and femininity.

Park So-dam
She is exuding charm in the various photos. In the January photo shoot for Harper’s Bazaar Korea, Park So-dam shows off her more mature charm.

Park So-dam is currently preparing for her role in the play Let Me In. The play Let Me In will be performed from January 21st to February 28th in the CJ Towol Theater, which is in the Seoul Arts Center.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Bazaar Korea

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