‘The Prettiest Ladies in the World’ Goddess Fashion Style at Events


[by Oh Ara/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Many celebrities showed up at events despite the hot weather. We’ve chosen a number of fashionable outfits of celebrities who stood in front of the photo wall.

They all flaunted different charms. Ha Ji Won gave off a sexy vibe with a denim look, while Lee Yo Won had a casual and feminine style and model Vivian showed a lovely one piece look.

The outfits of celebrities at events can create big issues for consecutive days. What are the unique fashion points of the styles of pretty celebrities who attended the events?

>>> Lee Yo Won

Actress Lee Yo Won showed up at the event after a long while.

She matched a simple white shirt with a light denim skirt and a striped blazer. Instead of heels, she chose walker boots completing a casual outfit.

By just donning a thin blazer, a formal style can be completed. When wearing a black or navy jacket, it is better to choose a brighter inner top.

>>> Ha Ji Won

Ha Ji Won attended an event held by a fashion brand. She paired a loose deep round neck white shirt with frayed jeans and a long white cardigan.

She dressed up with a sharp blue mini bag and her bold earrings maximized her sexiness.

Shirt and denim pants are an inseparable combination. It has a low chance of failure. If you want a feminine look with subtle sexiness, take the style of Ha Ji Won as a reference.

>>> Vivian

Model Vivian made an appearance at an event.

She wore a navy one piece, which pulled off a feminine and lovely style, and rounded off her look with a mini bag of minimal design.

The custard heels and socks added a point to her look, completing a fashionable ensemble. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)

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