“The Passion of Music” – Acoustic Concert by Yoon Do Hyun in New Zealand



One of the biggest and most influential rock bands in Korea, YB’s front man Yoon Do Hyun is coming to New Zealand after YB’s first tour in 2004.

Yoon Do Hyun has become the biggest name in rock industry and consider to be a pioneer of Korean indie rock and is respected highly.

Yoon Do Hyun celebrated his 20th anniversary in 2014 and the band has been preparing to take their music across the pacific to the United States from 2016. YB released their first English-language single “Cigarette Girl” last year and made tours throughout the States. The band who sold more than 2 million record in Korea is now taking the next step further and Yoon Do Hyun is making sure that New Zealand is on his map as the first place of his global venture.

According to Yoon Do Hyun, the concert is about keeping his promise to New Zealand fans. He is bringing a rare solo concert to Auckland and Christchurch performing songs from his early stage of career to his new solo singles. He will also sharethe behind story of his music career and his passion for music.


Yoon Do Hyun’s visit to New Zealand is also a personal one. Mr. Paul Bai, the main promoter for the show was the original manager of Yoon Do Hyun when he debuted in 90’s. MrBai also contributed in forming the YB band initially. MrBai and his family came to New Zealand for his son who has been diagnosed of ADHD.They have maintain the relationship over the years and it adds more heart to the show’s context.Yoon Do Hyun and MrBai plans to donate 5% of box office to the Autism New Zealand.