‘The Package’ Jung Yonghwa “It’s a character similar to me…I have confidence to do well”


[by Ent Team] Jung Yonghwa’s character poster has been revealed.

Jung Yong Hwa plays the role of San Ma-Roo who joins a France tour package alone in JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Package’ (Script Chun Sungil, Director Jeon Chang Geun, Kim Jin Won).

‘The Package’ is a travel drama that depicts different people who through their own reasons joined a package tour and become acquainted with each while various events occur and the process of becoming closer to each other.

Jung Yonghwa’s character on the revealed poster states, “I think I caused trouble. No. I did cause trouble.” The meaningful words and his expression as if he is watching out for someone while traveling alone are raising curiosity.

Jung Yong Hwa who is returning to dramas after ‘3 Musketeers’ 3 years ago. “Ma Roo is the character that I have the most confidence in playing so I definitely wanted to do it. Also, the drama in itself is really refreshing so I was even more drawn to it.” He couldn’t hide his affection for the work and his character.

Jung Yonghwa described Ma Roo who goes on a package tour alone after an unpredictable event, “Because he’s an innocent and follows his instincts he can seem like an idiot but you can’t hate him.” Also, he announced that life character is in perfect synchronization with him “There are a lot of similarities between Maroo and myself. I resemble him in my curiosity and my positivity so there were a lot of instances where I was really relaxed and could express his emotions easily.”

Jung Yonghwa wants to convey the message “Sometimes the right answer is being true to your instincts” through Ma Roo who creates relationships with people as he goes on a problematic package tour. As the entire work was pre-filmed a year ago in the fall in France, he conveyed his feelings after a year, “It’s a work I put my all into so I’m anticipating it even more.”

‘The Package’ is hit writer Chun Sungil’s return to dramas after works such as ‘Chuno’, ‘My Girlfriend is An Agent’, and ‘The Pirate’ in which it has become the spotlight anticipated work of the latter half of this year for those both inside and outside of the broadcasting circle. PD Jeon Chang Geun beautifully and warmly instills the feelings of traveling after works such as ‘Queen of the Office’ and ‘What Happens to My Family’.

Meanwhile JTBC’s new Friday-Saturday drama ‘The Package’ will take up ‘Age of Youth 2’ time slow and have its first broadcast on October 13th at 11pm. (photo by JTBC)

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