The My Unfortunate Boyfriend Japanese promotion has now completed! No Min-woo and Super Nova’s Yoon-Hak get to feel their local fame.


110408-2Actor No Min-woo and Super Nova’s Yoon-Hak presided over the very successful My Unfortunate Boyfriend promotion. The MBC Drama broadcast My Unfortunate Boyfriend, (Written by Lee Jae-yoon and directed by Nam Ki-hoon) opened its promotional event in Japan on November the third.

The MBC Drama’s drama My Unfortunate Boyfriend is excessively innocent. It tells the tale an unfortunate man, and the overly innocent woman’s bumpy and unfortunate romantic journey, during its national broadcast in Korea when it started on April 10th.110408-3My Unfortunate Boyfriend is being broadcast for the first time starting from November 2nd on Japan’s TBS. It is part of a rare surge in Korean wave dramas.

Actors No Min-woo and Super Nova’s Yoon-Hak were in the center of an ocean of over a thousand fans, local press and media. The crowd got really excited when they began performing songs from the drama’s sound track.

No Min-woo felt the attention again as the local Japanese reporters closely covered the event. Meanwhile No Min-woo active web drama I Eat (먹는 존재) is scheduled to begin broadcasting on NAVER tvcast from the 12th.110408-1

Article by Han Jihee of GET IT K, Pictures from MJ Dreamsys English Translation by Steven


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