‘The Miracle We Met’ Press Conference! “You’ll experience a real miracle”


The main cast of new KBS drama ‘The Miracle We Met’ attended the press conference on March 29.

Actor Kim Myung Min has returned to KBS drama for the first time in 13 years since ‘Immortal Admiral Yi Sun-sin‘! In ‘The Miracle We Met,’ he plays the attractive, smart, materialistic, pretentious and opportunistic guy Song Hyeoncheol A.

He said, “I’ve returned to KBS after 13 years. It’s an honor to be back and I’m filled with emotions.”

About the key things to watch for in the drama, he said, “A man makes miracles as his destiny is changed. As you watch our drama, you’ll be able to experience a real miracle. But there’s a saying that the miracle is being with the people that you love the most yet take for granted. This drama will make you look back on the people around you.”

Kim Hyun Ju, who plays Song Hyeoncheol‘s wife Seon Hyejin, said, “I am excited and nervous at the same time. I feel so good, and I’m so happy that I can act with the people who are here.”

Ra Mi Ran talked about his partner Kim Myung Min saying, “He has a silly side when you meet him in person. It was a surprise to me.”

Kim Myung Min said, “I walked around the funeral hall dressed in a shroud, and they seemed surprised. But I felt really comfortable in it. But I guess I can’t wear it in my daily life.”

In ‘The Miracle We Met,’ an ordinary man dies in a car crash, but his spirit awakes inside another man with the same name and age but an entirely different background. He becomes the head of two families and agonizes over his two different wives.

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