The main culprit of summer, aging! What is the method of grasping and soothing skin heat?


[by Woo Ji An] There are many people that focus more on anti-aging care in the winter than the summer. As the summer temperatures are high, it’s easy for skin to loose moisture and for the inside to become dry, thus adding onto the skin troubles on the exterior.

Blocking UV rays is the most important for blocking anti-aging but before freckles form it’s good to do early skin care. In the hot and humid summer, sebum excretion rises and the skin temperature also rises, making it possible for skin to age faster.

If you want to maintain smooth skin in the summer, let’s lower our skin heat and focus on soothing care.

#Skin Heat DOWN 

The hot sunlight that is approaching 40 degrees and the dangerous UV index cause the skin to heat up. If you don’t treat your skin heat at the right time, skin troubles occur and aging moves forward.

Experts dub skin heat as a main reason for aging but this is because as skin temperature rises, the blood vessels expand and the pores increase. The synthesis of collagen decreases and elasticity fibers disassemble, causing your skin elasticity to go down, resulting in wrinkles forming. Because of this, it’s important to do immediate care for skin heat.

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Uriage Eau Thermale Collector is a mist full of minerals and includes natural isotonic thermal that helps build the skin barriers with effects such as hydration, skin soothing, itch-relief from dryness, etc.

#Soothing Care 

Skin becomes especially sensitive in the summer. Especially as it is the season in which you do a lot of outdoor activities, after-care is quite important. It is necessary to mildly soothe skin that has become red from UV rays.

Especially as hydrating care needs to be parallel with soothing care. The oil and water balance of your skin is the top priority.  It’s good to moderately lesson toner that soothes and put it on your skin or use emergency spot products. The entirety of your skin becomes hot and red but if you use a superior mask pack, it can help to immediately soothe your skin.

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 Adaline Keep Cool Soothe Mask Pack (Eye Cream Pack) contains phytoncide (bamboo, pine tree, Chinese arborvitae, Japanese cypress) and Centella asiatica to sooth sensitive skin, a cooling mask of experiencing the forest while saving the elasticity of your skin. (photo by bntnews DB, Uriage, Adaline)