The Long-Awaited Moment [The Return of Superman]


Shiho spends her time with Sarang as Sunghoon is busy getting ready for his match. They dress up in same outfits and even take sticker photos. They have a special date.

To repay the love they received from everyone, the twins decide to prepare a special gift! Hwijae becomes a photographer and the twins become angels!

It’s the day of the marathon for Ilkook and the triplets. They get prepared and the race has begun!

It’s Daebak’s first birthday and Donggook prepares for it. He even take first birthday pictures and practices the first grab. What did Daebak pick at his first birthday party?

[The Return of Superman]

Showtime: Sun 16:20 | Re-run: Mon 01:20, Thu 18:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)