‘THE K2’ Unveils PART5 of OST


[Ent Team] Park Gwang Seon is back through the OST for ‘THE K2’.

Ulala Session-issued Park Gwang Seon will release ‘As Time Stops’, the PART.5 to the original soundtrack for tvN drama series ‘THE K2’, on October 29.

‘As Time Stops’ tells the story of a lonely wolf who sees a beautiful flower-like girl in the forest and falls under her spell. It represents the feelings of Kim Je Ha (Ji Chang Wook) towards Go Anna (Yoona).

Following Park’s humming that reminds us of the crying sound of a sad wolf, a very moving melody translates despair into music while talent manages to moderate the expression of Je Ha’s feelings.

What is especially striking about this song is that the dark atmosphere of the drama series is perfectly transcribed into musical notes that wrap up the viewers and never let them go.

Meanwhile, Park Gwang Seon’s ‘As Time Stops’ will be released on October 29. (photo by CJ E&M)

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