The Intense Beauty Battle Among Korean Idols


[By Choi Woo Jin]  The competition among Korean idols is always very intense. Besides having singing and dancing skills, they must have unchanging ‘beauty’.

Pay attention to this article if you are interested in Korean idols’ beauty secrets. It explains the essence of every single parts of the Idols’ styling.

The Completion of Vivid Eyes, ‘Eye Liner’

Eye makeup can change your image from natural to strong. Many women spend their time putting on the eye makeup. It is no exaggeration to say that beauty of female characters in Korean dramas starts from their eyes.

Before putting on the eyeliner, you need to focus on eye makeup styling. If you do not have double eyelid, you need to use pencil eyeliner so that it smoothly covers the line. Also, with small eyes, it is better to use brush-pen liner. The thin brush allows making detailed line which makes the eyes look bigger.

Moist and Shiny Skin, ‘Base’

Even though we have high-definition television, we cannot detect bad skin from the celebrities. It is because they use a variety of base products to hide pores and to express shining skin tone.

You can put on clean makeup and express smooth skin by using a highlighter and a foundation. Most importantly, you need to apply the highlighter in the T-Zone to shade out the face. Lastly, apply brownish shading on the cheek and cover the skin with a foundation to complete a perfect skin base.

Long-Lasting Color, ‘Lip Item’

Lip makeup can give a point to a plain face. Lip makeup has become a must because it allows people to express different images according to the colors. Use of matt or glossy lip item allows you to express perfect face like Korean idols.

Many celebrities use pink or strong red for their lips. However, in 2016 the new trend is the pastel color ‘Rose Quartz”. Also it is more important to find a product that stays on the lip for longer time rather than the ones just with a pretty color.

Trendy Items to Keep up with Korean Idols

01 Luna ‘Eyelight Brush Liner’
The item uses an ink tank method which gives the same color from the beginning to the end. This makes the eyes clear and bright. It can be removed easily by cleansing and creates deep eye without smudging.

This item has the effect of a foundation’s coverage and persistency. It improved some of the problems cushion foundations had like darkening and stickiness. It provides detailed touch with soft puff. Also, you can express perfect coverage and shininess with a small amount of the item.

03 Berrisom ‘Oops My Lip Tint Pack’ – EDITOR’S PICK
The lip tint pack contains nine different colors including candy orange, pure pint and virgin red. You can choose the colors that suit your skin tone. Apply it on the lip, dry it and take it off to put on the color which last for the whole day. The outstanding moisturizing effect gives healthy color to the lip.  (photo by Berrisom, Luna, SHU UEMURA, bntnews DB)