‘The Goddesses of Bare Faces’ Suzi-IU-Seolhyun, Envious of the Celebrities Who Are Pretty Even without Makeup?


[by Song Eun Ji/ translated by Kim Young Shin] The bare-faced photos of celebrities always get heated attention.

The part that shines the most from the bare-faced selfies is their flawless skin. The key to the perfect skin condition, even without makeup, is to keep a consistent skin care routine.

Bear in mind that skin condition depends on how much effort you put on the right kind of skin care. If you desire a healthy skin that does not get affected from the weather, including the change of seasons like these days, you should make changes to your daily habits. The following are simple rules you can apply to your everyday life to make your face flawless without makeup.

Rule 1 Take Plenty of Water

Everybody dream of moist skin without inner dryness. To establish such skin, sufficient water intake must be accompanied with skin care. Moisturizing your skin from the inside out is the key to create a perfect skin.

Water is a better source of hydration compared to other liquids with additives such as juice, coffee and carbonated drinks. Drink small amount of water frequently to take about two liters a day in total.

Rule 2 Eat Healthy

Your skin is what you eat. Instead of taking greasy food with high calories, make the healthy eating habit of mainly eating fruits and vegetables.

Additionally, restrain from eating at late night is essential for skin health. Skin regeneration is the most active at around 10 at night. Avoid having late-night snacks after that time helps maintain the skin condition because it lets the organs rest.

Rule 3 Get Enough Sleep

A good amount of sleep boosts skin regeneration. If you are short on sleep, the accumulation of fatigue harms the skin condition, let alone the bodily health. A sufficient amount of sleep is at least six hours a day.

For a more efficient skin treatment, use your time on bed to try night skin care such as sleeping packs and facial mask sheets. The mask sheets stay on the face until the next morning, so choose the one made with natural ingredients like rice masks.

Rule 4 Make Skin Care a Routine

The bottom line of making the flawless bare face like celebrities is the ‘regular’ skin care. The more complicated it gets, the easier it is to give up. You should set a simple skin care routine for yourself.

One of the most convenient skin care methods is putting on facial mask sheets. Using the mask sheets, you can nourish your face without multiple moisturizing steps. It only takes about 20 minutes and it is easy to carry, which allows skin care at any time and place.

Lamy Cosmetics’ REAL 97% RICE PAPER EATING MASK PACK is one of the hottest items these days. EATING MASK PACK uses a sheet made of rice. It is known better as ‘Rick Pack’.

Because its sheet is an edible rice paper, it can be used on sensitive skin without the worries about skin troubles. Also, the essence applied to the mask sheet includes rh-EGF, capsulized with lecithin, plant stem cell and herbal extracts including cersis chinensis and red ginseng. The simple task of putting on the mask has complex effects such as whitening, moisturizing, firming and soothing.

(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, Goo Hara’s Instagram, Suzy’s Instagram, IU’s Instagram. Jun Hyoseong’s Instagram, Hani’s Instagram, Seolhyun’s Instagram, bntnews DB)

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