The Facts Behind Angry Hyesung In We Got Married


[by Ent Team] Jung Hyesung from ‘We Got Married’ urned into Angry Hyesung.

In the episode that aired on March 11 on MBC, the couple formed by Gong Myoung and Jung Hyesung celebrated their 100 days of marriage with a special date.

Jung thought that this 100th day was the perfect occasion to get to know her husband better and she proposed a kind of investigation game. They were both really focused on discovering every aspect of the other’s personality.

The two showed their chemistry as they wrote meaningful information on their respective board. But there was some results that actually surprised them more than they expected. Hyesung was especially surprised by the outcome of the game.

She was really angry and even said that she was going to get back home as she discovered the true feelings of her husband. Her anger and so-said laser eyes made the public really curious about the future of their relationship. (photo by MBC We Got Married)