The drama staffs go to Wando for a shoot [You Are The Best!]


Jeongae leaves Miryeong’s house and the family’s upset that Sunsin didn’t come. Sunsin does a great job at her first meeting with the other actors. On the day of family meeting, Chanu declares that Chanu and Yusin will live with each other’s parents for three months alternately. Sunsin hears about this news from Chanmi and feels upset.

Yusin and Chanu decide to live with Gilja, but Gilja feels uncomfortable. Meanwhile, the drama staffs go to Wando for a shoot and Miryeong also goes there for her business. Everyone misunderstands Sunsin who came late due to Yeona’s trick. Things get worse when Miryeong visits the shoot and Sunsin escapes from the set. Because of the high waves and time, the staffs leave the island.