‘The Center of Attention’ Hong Soo Ah-Son Na Eun-Eunjung, Celebrities’ Point Makeup at Seoul Fashion Week


[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] Mere presence of celebrities gathers people’s attention because of their strong aura.

If you want to be as eye-catching as the celebrities, try new makeup. One point makeup is applicable to daily wear as its emphasis does not look excessive. What kind of one point makeup do celebrities put on?

If you are curious about star’s one point makeup, take a closer look at the visitors to ‘2016 F/W Seoul Fashion Week’ which started from March 21. Here is the analysis on their looks.

‘One Point Makeup’ of the Guests to the Fashion Show

With no exception, ones that visited the fashion event had glowing skin. A little more detail added to their flawless skin allowed them very different looks.

Girls’ Generation Seohyun, Hong Soo Ah, miss A Fei’s vivid lip makeup gave accent to their looks. Apink Son Na Eun and Ryeo Won put on highlighters for bright strobing makeup. On the other hand, Han Chae Young had her eyes defined in a classy way that suits her nickname “Korea’s Barbie Doll”.

Catching up with Celebrities ‘One Point Makeup’

POINT 1 Bright and Strobing Skin

The key player in creating the beaming look of strobing makeup is highlighter. If you want that natural glow which shines through from the inner layer of the skin, choose highlighters which contain nude-colored glitters that are similar to your skin tone. Highlighters that come in multiple shades can generate diverse strobing makeup looks depending on the blending.

Art Class By Rodin Highlighter is optimized for natural strobing makeup. Its three colors can express multifarious lights. The micro-sized pearls in nude colors provide natural glimmer to the face. The fine shimmering powder, designed to make the face look sleek, adheres to the skin without much falling.

How should you use the highlighter for strobing makeup? First, take a brush to blend all three colors and gently wipe the broad area of the face such as forehead and cheeks. Then, mix the two darker colors and apply it on the narrow area such as the bridge of the nose and the jaw line. For a finish, highlight C-zone and T-zone with the lightest color for a more vivid look.

POINT 2 Defined and Doll-Like Eyes

Clear and defined eye lines even make your eyes look limpid. However, there is no need to draw thick lines or putting on deep smokey makeup. Tightlines and thick eyelashes are sufficient for such effect.

Brush tip liquid eyeliners like ART CLASS VASILY’S LINER are good for beginners as they are easy to use. Tightline your eyes adjusted to your own eye shape. The product comes with long-lasting fixing polymer which helps the formula to dry fast and to stay put for longer period of time. If tightlining feels too difficult, just dab between the roots of your eyelashes then simply connect the dots.

After drawing eye lines, Lift your eyelashes with eyelash curler and then apply mascara. The eyelashes on the inner corner of your eyes and outer-most edge are easy to be omitted by using regular mascaras. Mascara with adjustable brush can reach those hidden parts.

Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara has a dial that manipulates the brush’s curve in three ways. The soft brush in the shape of animal’s tail and all-in-one formula are capable of curling, thickening, lengthening and setting the eyelash. It can reach every strand of the eyelash, even the ones in the corner. Additional application on the bottom eyelashes makes your eyes more doll-like.

POINT 3 Vivid and Moist Lips

The most basic point makeup is to put on vivid color on the lips. To go with the latest style, your lips need to be colorful and glossy. Hydrated lips are the current trend.

To make your lips crisp and glossy without complicated steps, use lipsticks such as ARTIFY VIRGIN GLOSS STICK. Choose a color to highlight your looks and apply it lightly. Its fresh colors and moist texture that glides on your lips will keep your lips lively throughout the day.

If you want to look as refined as the celebrities, apply lipstick fully on your lips. However, if the color looks too vivid and you are worried about having exaggerated looks, put lipstick only on the center of your lips so the color could gradate naturally.

(photo by too cool for school, bntnews DB)

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