Team ‘Mad Dog’ says good-bye before the final episode airs [Mad Dog]


Check out the farewell messages from the five members of the investigative team ‘Mad Dog.

Yoo Ji Tae, who played Mad Dog‘s leader Choi Kangwoo, said, “I hope many of you found encouragement from watching the warm and humane drama ‘Mad Dog.’ I was happy to work with good actors and staff.”

He added, “Please stay with ‘Mad Dog’ until the end.”

Woo Do Hwan, who played the mysterious guy Kim Minjun, said, “I was able to grow one step further through ‘Mad Dog.’ I had a lovely and fun time. I was able to do well till the end thanks to the support from many people.”

Ryu Hwayoung, who played investigator Jang Hari, said, “Please keep watching till the end and supporting us. Thank you for loving ‘Mad Dog.’ Be happy.”

She continued, “I think the romance between Minjun and Hari is a key thing to watch for in the last episode. I’m also curious if Minjun and Hari will really fall in love with each other.”

Jo Jae Yoon, who played Park Soonjung, said, “The blood and sweat of the director, staff and actors went into ‘Mad Dog.’ Everyone worked day and night for the drama. I will miss it a lot. Thank you everyone for your hard work. I’m also thankful to the viewers for loving the ‘Cheetah’Park Soonjung. I will come back with different characters in the future, so I ask for your continued interest and love.”

Kim Hye Sung, who played ‘Pentium’ On Nuri, said, “I was happy to be part of ‘Mad Dog,’ which w as always warm and full of comradeship. The director and screenwriter, staff and actors cooperated to create such a meaningful drama. I won’t be able to forget ‘Mad Dog‘ and Pentium.”

He added, “Thank you to the viewers for staying with us. I will try harder to show good acting.”

The final episode of ‘Mad Dog‘ will air tonight, so stay tuned till the end!

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