Taeyeon Is About to Make Comeback


[by Woorim Ahn] Taeyeon will make comeback with second mini album ‘Why’.

On June 28 at midnight, she will disclose all the songs of her new album through music websites as well as ‘Why’ music videos through YouTube and her official website. Particularly, the album sold 102,598 copies as pre-sale and this proved Taeyeon’s tremendous popularity.

Including title song ‘Why’, pre-release song ‘Starlight’, ‘Up & Down’ that Hyoyeon was featured in, ‘Fashion’, ‘Hands on Me’, ‘Good Thing’ and ‘Night’ are contained in her to feel Taeyeon’s deeper music world.

Moreover, she will air live ‘Taeyeon COUNTDOWN NIGHT’ through Naver V-app channel on June 27 at 11pm KST to introduce her new album and talk about various episodes that happened while she was preparing for the album.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon will make activities from July 1. (photo by SM Entertainment)

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