Taeyeon Achieved a Perfect All-Kill on Music Chart


[by Bae Jung Yun] SM Entertainment digital music channel ‘STATION’s’, first runner Taeyeon’s new song ‘Rain’ achieved all-kills on various music charts and showed her power as a solo.

On February 3 at midnight, she dropped the digital single ‘Rain’ through various music charts. Title song ‘Rain’ ranked first on 8 different music charts such as MelOn, Genie, Naver Music, Olleh Music, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada and Monkey3 and swept the chart. The other new song ‘Secret’ also was placed on the second rank on Genie, Naver Music, Olleh Music, Mnet and Bugs and showed the hottest fame as a music chart queen.

This title song ‘Rain’ is medium tempo music contains soulful jazz touch with impressive unique melody and code. It captures people’s sense of music by its lyrics, which refers memory of ex-lover to rain.

Moreover, at the same time of releasing the music, SMTOWN YouTube channel unveiled its music video. The music video contains Taeyeon’s new song and sensuous visual content, and it dragged attention from the mass public.

Meanwhile, SM informed its glamorous start of ‘STATION’ by releasing Taeyeon’s ‘Rain’. It will release various new songs every Friday starting from February 19 to show collaboration works of artists, producers, composers and other agencies. (photo by SM Entertainment)

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