Taeyang’s Comeback Set for August 16th


[by Ent Team] Taeyang is coming back.

On August 7th, YG Entertainment revealed Taeyang’s poster and album release date, thus starting the countdown for his comeback. Taeyang’s shocking silver hair in the poster leaves a strong impression.

Returning after 3 years and 2 months, Taeyang worked hard for this solo comeback by producing the album and working on the music video himself.

Taeyang was the first Big Bang member to start solo activities through his mini album ‘Hot’ and its’ title song ‘Only Look At Me’ in 2008. He was praised for having a unique confidence with his charismatic R&B vocals and groovy dance skills.

Later on, proving himself as a solo artist, Taeyang won the digital song of the year award at the ‘Gold Disk Awards’ and best song award at ‘MAMA’ with the title song of his second full length album, ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips’.

Meanwhile, Taeyang who has debuted as a Big Bang member for 11 years and a solo artist for 9 years will be coming back on the 16th. (photo by YG Entertainment)

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