T-ara Hyomin to Receive Great Popularity in China


[by Bae Jung Yun] T-ara Hyomin’s second solo album ‘Sketch’ is receiving a great popularity in China.

Her title song ‘Sketch’ topped the Chinese V chart for five weeks by competing against other popular Chinese singers.

The title song’s music video that rated PG-15 topped the Yin Yue Tai k-pop chart for five weeks and the one rated R ranked second on the same chart.

Moreover, her music video also ranked first on Yin Yue Tai Chinese music chart along with k-pop chart. She proved her great popularity by ranking first on both Korean and Chinese music chart.

Ryan Jhun, who produced the album of EXO, Red Velvet and SHINee, participated in producing her album. Also, a song writing team, where Ryan Jhun is, also participated in making the album and increased the album completeness. In addition, she drew the mass public’s attention by showing her sensual performance.

Meanwhile, Hyomin, who successfully completed her second solo activity, will participate in the T-ara fan meetup event in Tokyo and Kobe, Japan. (photo by MBK Entertainment)

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