‘Swan Club’ Son Yeon Jae is embarrassed when told to lose weight! [The Swan Club]


On last night’s episode of ‘The Swan Club,’ the members auditioned for the role in ‘TheNutcracker.’

Former Olympic gymnast Son Yeon Jae performed the Russian dance. After watching her performance, captain Kim Gil Yong praised her, saying that she definitely possesses charisma. Then he added, “This is something that all ballerinas are worried about. I think you need to lose a bit of weight.”

Son Yeon Jae revealed that ever since she joined the ‘The Swan Club,’ she has been on a diet. She said, “Whereas I normally used to eat when I was feeling hungry, I try to bear the hunger these days. I try to only eat one or two meals a day. I always have appetite.”

[The Swan Club]

Showtime : Wed 18:20 | Re-run: Fri 12:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)