‘Superman’ Seungjae goes out on a date with his secret crush! [The Return of Superman]


On the upcoming episode, Seungjae and Seowoo go on a picnic to the Seoul Forest with daddy Jiyong.

Seowoo is the daughter of actress Jung SiaSeungjae and Seowoo live in the same neighborhood, and they’ve become close friends since they go to the same kindergarten.

It seems that Seungjae has a little crush on SeowooSeungjae usually gets scared of bugs, but he bravely fights the ants to save SeowooSeowoo is 6 years old, so she’s 2 years older than Seungjae. But Seungjae bluffs that he’s 5 and a half years old!

Seungjae has such a pure and sweet heart! Daddy Jiyong must be feeling a little left out.


[The Return of Superman]

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