‘Superman’ Seojun & Seoun are superstars in Ho Chi Minh! [The Return of Superman]


Even the Vietnamese people recognized Seojun and Seoun.

On the last episode of ‘Superman,’ Seojun and Seoun went to Vietnam, and they were welcomed by the crowds in the street.

When Hwijae stopped in front the central post office to take a picture with the twins, the surrounding people stayed around to look at them.

Women wearing ao dai adored Seojun and Seoun and wished to take pictures with them.

Many other citizens asked to take pictures saying that they’re fans of the twins.

When Hwijae asked in English, “How do you know us?”, the people answered that they saw them on Youtube. Also, ‘Superman‘ is being aired on SCTV, a Vietnamese local network, so a lot of people were able to recognize them.

[The Return of Superman]

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