‘Superman’ Jung Yonghwa meets the twins! “Uncle Yonghwa!”


Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE has a surprise encounter with Seoun-Seojun twins!

On the upcoming episode of ‘The Return of Superman,’ Jung Yonghwa runs into the twins by chance.

On a rainy day, Yonghwa sees Seojun standing in front of the supermarket. He approaches Seojunand tells him that he knows Hwijae.

Seojun is cautious at first, but when Yonghwa shows him a picture taken with HwijaeSeojuntrusts him. Yonghwa calls Hwijae and tells him that he’ll take the twins home.

Meanwhile, Seoun is sound asleep in the supermarket! Yonghwa tries to wake him up, but nothing works! Yonghwa decides to give him a piggyback. However, this time, Seojun is watching a video on the phone and wouldn’t move!

Is Yonghwa going to be able to take them home, as he promised? Let’s see if he’s a good uncle or not!

[The Return of Superman]

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