‘Superman’ Daddy is sick! Seungjae becomes a nurse! [The Return of Superman]


Jiyong‘s having an awful hangover, so Seungjae volunteers to be a nurse just for his dad!

But he has the most extraordinary methods to care for him. Jiyong likes to drink coffee, so Seungjae tries to make coffee for him with… soy sauce?!

Seungjae wipes daddy’s feet with a towel. He also rubs Jiyong‘s face with soap, then brings water in a bowl and pours it on Jiyong‘s face! Uh-oh, how is Jiyong going to react?

Seungjae just wants his dad to be healthy again, but Jiyong‘s condition gets worse with Seungjae‘s care.

Seungjae and Jiyong visit the hospital, and Seungjae embarrasses his dad by going around and telling everyone that his dad is sick from drinking alcohol.

[The Return of Superman]

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