Sunsin and Junho, having an emotional reunion [You Are The Best!]


Sunsin is finally reunited with her lover, Junho.

Finding out that Miryeong is involved in Sunsin’s father’s hit-and-run accident, Sunsin is shocked.

Sunsin happens to walk past by Miryeong and Donghyeok when they talk about the cause of her father’s death. Also, Miryeong, for Sunsin and herself, says the accident should not be mentioned, making Sunsin suffer more emotionally.

Meanwhile, Junho realizes that his father, Donghyeok, is a witness to the accident. He is afraid that he could hurt Sunsin’s feelings, so he forces himself to break up with her which is quite apart from his real motive.

Poor Sunsin knows everything, and Junho notices this as well. Being worried about Sunsin, he goes over to her place to look for her. When he finally finds Sunsin, he runs and hugs her. Sunsin, who has already had enough, bursts into tears and shares her emotions with him.

[You Are The Best!] – Encore Drama

Showtime: Wed 11:20 | Re-run: Sat 11:20 (Seoul, UTC+9).