Sungkyu, sets up a surprise for his fellow band members on Showtime Infinite


Infinite Members
The members of infinite wrap up 2015 by unexpectedly meeting some acquaintances they don’t normally see, while recording Showtime Infinite. The members were unable to hide their surprise.

This is all a part of the next episode of Showtime Infinite being broadcast on MBC Every1, This coming December 31st. Group leader Sungkyu set an elaborate plan in motion prior to the recording, in order to have the members of Infinite be surprised by the meeting.

The other members were told that Sungkyu couldn’t be there that day because he needed to do some shoots for other programs. The remaining members went to a restaurant to do a recording of them eating, and that is how they started off the recording. They started off by finding the restaurant with good food that was recommended by the absent Sungkyu.

However this was all part of the thorough plan laid by the genius Sungkyu. Sungkyu is whom the other members chose as the member who has so far been the best listener who they are grateful towards, in a recent photo interview. Sungkyu arranged for the other members to gather and meet someone they can’t normally meet, in a surprise meeting.


Sungkyu told a big lie to them before the recording, saying he couldn’t attend. When in reality Sungkyu arrived before the other members. The tasty restaurant Sungkyu recommended, was actually chosen so that he could set up the recording there in advance. Sungkyu didn’t reveal himself to the other members on this day until the very end, at which point it was their first time seeing him that day.

Of course at first, the member were a bit awkward at the restaurant they had traveled far to get to on Sungkyu’s recommendation. But actually Sungkyu had set things up very specifically in advance. When Sungkyu gave the signal, they all forgot about their worries and concentrated on the food. The recording went off without a hitch, thanks to Sungkyu’s great planning. At the same time as they were eating Sungkyu was hidden on the other side of the restaurant, secretly orchestrating everything in real time. The special guest, which Sungkyu setup is really surprising.

The surprise guest is someone the members of Infinite knew before their debut, but he is disguised as a restaurant worker. Sungkyu couldn’t hide his fear that the other member might recognize the special guest early.

Sungkyu’s prepared a special surprise, which was prepared to give the other members a special year end, will be shockingly revealed this coming Thursday December 31st at 6:00 on MBC Every1’s Showtime Infinite.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by MBC Every1 Showtime Infinite

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