Sung Hoon Steals Hearts of Middle Eastern Fans…Writes New History as a Hallyu Star


[by Ent Team] Actor Sung Hoon is the first Asian actor to have a fan meeting in Abu Dhabi.
The recently broadcasted drama ‘My Secret Romance’ has surpassed Korea and is loved overseas as well. Sung Hoon will have a world tour fan meeting in Abu Dhabi On October 6th called ‘My Secret Romance’ where he will repay local fans’ love.

Sung Hoon became known in the Middle East through his dramas ‘My Secret Romance’ and ‘Idol Master.KR’. ‘My Secret Romance’ has surpassed Asia and is being broadcast in Northern American, Central America and Southern America, while ‘Idol Master.KR’ is the first Korean drama to be shown as a Amazon series and is broadcasted to over 200 countries around the world as Amazon Prime Videos.

Through this influence Sung Hoon is receiving a hot response in Asia and the whole world is having the first fan meeting in the Middle East as an Asian actor, a unique event.

Sung Hoon doesn’t stop his activities in the Asia region like the stanrd hallyu star but even goes to the Middle East and is taking new steps. This fan meeting in Abu Dhabi is even more meaningful to that point to he who is making his place as world star.

At the Abu Dhabi fan meeting where he will meet fans for the first time he will perform songs, dance, and a DJing show, boasting of his various charms as an artist. Also through various programs where he can communicate with fans closely he will show his love towards fans without reserve and is determined to capture fans’ hearts.

New women heart stealer Sung Hoon is scheduled to meet overseas fans in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, and the United States after the Abu Dhabi fan meeting.

Meanwhile, Sung Hoon will leave Korea on October 4th in order to hold his Abu Dhabi fan meeting ‘My Secret Romance’ on October 6th at Al Jaheli Theater. (photo by Stallion Entertainment)