Sunam wants to save Yeo-ok by giving her his liver [Ohlala Couple]


Sunam wants to save Yeo-ok by giving her his liver. Yeo-ok, on other hand, refuses to accept Sunam’s offer as she doesn’t want to keep being reminded of him for the rest of her life. Hyeonu wants to save Yeo-ok’s life, but each option for saving her has its respective drawbacks. Victoria, in the meantime, meets with her biological mother to tell her she is moving back to Sweden. Jinggu doesn’t call Illan, so she goes to the hotel to see him in person.

Upon completing the training program at the hotel’s corporate headquarters in the States, Yeo-ok returns to Seoul. She is promoted to the head of the customer support team. Hyeonu gets promoted as the executive manager at corporate HQ in the States. He asks Yeo-ok to move to the States with him. Jingu may be living with his family-in-law, but he’s as happy as can be with Illan and the twins. Hyeonu sees how happy Yeo-ok is with her family and agonizes over what he should do. Sunam, who has been trying to get back together with Yeo-ok, plans a surprise event.

[Ohlala Couple] – Encore Drama

Showtime: Thu-Fri 23:00 | Re-run: Thu-Fri 04:10, 10:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)