Summer Special Pt. 4: DAVICHI & Vibe & JUNG-IN & Flower & Han Donggeun


Part 4 of ‘Summer Special’ will air this week under the title “7 Stages of Breakup ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’“!

Yu Huiyeol explains, “Many couples experience breakup in the summer due to high discomfort index.” He has divided the symptoms that follow a breakup into 7 stages and picked out a song that fits each stage. The show invites the artists who are experts in singing about breakups.

The “goddesses of breakup”, DAVICHI, perform ‘Don’t say Goodbye’, which is about the first stage of breakup — denial.

Vibe sings about the second stage of breakup — anger, with the song ‘Are You Crazy’Vibe reveals that they’re preparing hard for the comeback scheduled for the fall.

The surprise guest is BEN, the “new breakup fairy.” When she appeared on ‘Sketchbook’ last time, she exposed that Vibe’Yun Min Soo performs her song ‘Love,ing’ at events. They go head-to-head with each other to decide who is the real owner of ‘Love,ing’.

[Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook]

Showtime : Sat 18:20 | Re-run: Fri 3:00, 13:50, Sat 00:30 (Seoul, UTC+9)