Sugardonut to Disclose Its Sixth Single ‘Piece of Life’


[by Yanchingsally Chu] Sugardonut will unveil its sixth digital single ‘Piece of Life’.

Having an undergoing album project using a new concept that the band will release a song every month, Sugardonut will unveil its new song ‘Piece of Life’ which is a lighthearted song that is great to be listened in the sweltering August.

‘Piece of Love’ is an acoustic song that reminds people to respect individuals’ lives as everyone has different beliefs and standpoints. With the combination of guitar, bass and percussion, the song is composed of simple and natural sounds.

Starting from ‘Piece of Change’ released in February, ‘Piece of Love’ is the sixth song released through this project. It is expected that Sugardonut will show up in diverse channels this summer.

Meanwhile, Sugardonut will unveil its new song ‘Piece of Love’ on August 5. (photo by ROXTA MUZIK & LIVE)