Su Ho Goes By His Real Name


[By Ent Team / Photo by Jo Hee Seon] EXO Su Ho takes up acting under his real name, Kim Jun Myeon.

On January 18, the team of MBC’s new drama series ‘3 Colored Fantasies’ gathered at the headquarters of the TV station, located in Sangam, Mapo, Seoul, to introduce the drama to the press.

Su Ho, who stars in ‘Stars in the Universe’, the first part of the special ‘3 Colored Fantasies’ project as superstar singer-song-writer Woo Joo said, “I’m not such a star but I do receive love from a lot of people in real life, too, so I know this feeling and it helped me a lot.”

He added, “However, my character is a bad guy. He’s pretentious and don’t know gratitude so the people around him start seeing him wrong. I’m just the opposite so I had to work really hard on this aspect.”

‘3 Colored Fantasies’ is commonly produced by MBC and Naver. It is composed of three stories that represent three colors – white, green and gold – entitled ‘Stars in the Universe’, ‘Bioequivalent Love’ and ‘Queen of the Ring.’

Meanwhile, being the first part of the series, ‘Stars in the Universe’ will start airing on January 24 on Naver and on January 26 on MBC.