‘Steal’ the Skin of Hyuna, Suzy and Jessica Shown on Instagram?


Hyuna is always eye-catching on stage with intense makeup. Black smoky eyes and red lips can be seen as her signature makeup.

To have eye and lip makeup as the points, it is better to keep your base makeup as clean as possible. If blusher and highlighter are skipped, more focus can be put on your intense eyes and red lips. Apply products that are long-lasting with high adhesion a few times for higher coverage.

>> Suzy’s Baby Face Makeup

Suzy is probably one of the busiest artists in Korea. Apart from a singer, she is also an actress and an advertising model, making her busy 24 hours a day.

But still, her baby-like, supple bare face shown in the selfies that she uploaded on Instgram makes one difficult to believe that she had no makeup on. To ooze natural and pure charms like Suzy, correcting your skin tone evenly instead of overdoing your base makeup is recommended.

>> Jessica’s Illuminating Makeup

With only an eyeliner and a light pink lipstick, Jessica completes her nice makeup that shows natural smooth, dewy skin, which is the characteristic of her makeup.

Jessica accentuates her classy and feminine image by doing makeup with a subtle glow on instead of simply having moisturizing makeup. She applies a pale pink blusher on cheeks to bring light to the face.

>> Makeup Items To Get Skin That You Want To ‘Steal’

01. ESTÉE LAUDER – Futurist Aqua Brilliance: contains hyaluronic acids and ceramides to keep the skin moist and add a subtle glow on face.

02. CHANEL – CC Cream:
combines both skincare and natural makeup functions. It evens out skin tone for natural makeup.

03. chosungah22 – BOUNCE UP PACT MASTER: is a compact that incorporates the strengths of foundations and powders. Its soft nutrition formula can be attached to the skin well without caking to cover the skin smoothly for velvet-like glowing skin.

04. MAC – PREP + PRIME BB Beauty Balm Compact:
can naturally cover blemishes and scars to restore the original glow of the skin.

(photo by chosungah22, ESTÉE LAUDER, CHANEL, MAC’s official homepage, Instagram of Hyuna, Suzy and Jessica, bntnews DB)

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