‘Star King’ UP10TION Kuhn to Imitate Kim Woo-bin’s Facial Expression


[by Yoonjung Yi] On December 29, boy group UP10TION presented an enjoyable time at SBS’ variety show ‘Star King’.

On this day, UP10TION member Kuhn made the studio burst into laughter by demonstrating Kim Woo-bin’s iconic tough facial expression. Then, he surprised the audiences by beatboxing and hitting the drums while making Kim Woo-bin’s facial expression once again.

Kim Sook said, “I have never seen a talent that I never get sick of” and acknowledged Kuhn’s humor.

UP10TION is a 10-member boy group with members consisting of Jinhoo, Kuhn, Kogyeol, Wei, Bit-to, Wooshin, Sunyoul, Gyujin, Hwanhee, and Xiao.

The group will be making an appearance at MBC’s year-end music program ‘Gayo Daejejeon’ on December 31.

Meanwhile, Star King airs on Tuesdays at 8:55pm KST. (photo by SBS ‘Gayo Daejeon’)

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