‘Spring-Kissed Lips’ Real Review of ‘Check Glossy Blaster Tins’ from Korean and Chinese Beauty Editors


[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] Lip stain is one of most popular lip makeup tool because it can be used to create different looks depending on the color and how it is put on.

Many of those who are interested in the beauty industry recommend too cool for school’s Check Glossy Blaster Tint as an affordable product that has everything a woman wants from a lip stain: adorable packaging with checker-patterns, lasting colors, vividness and glossiness. Recently, new five colors are released in addition to its six original colors. The new colors are bright and suitable to be used in spring weather.

As Check Glossy Blaster Tint’s new trendy colors for 2016 spring season is getting heated response on and offline, Korean and Chinese beauty editors of bntnews decided to try them on. Here are their honest opinions on the collection.

Chinese Beauty Editor Wang Rong

Editor Wang Rong’s choice, No. 7 ROSE LATTE is in Marsala, a color of dried rose that has been popular since 2015. The toned-down pink hue highlights feminine and mature charm without standing out.

Real Review

What type of lips do you have? My lips are very dry and they are flaky. Especially in spring and autumn, they get much more dehydrated.

How was Check Glossy Blaster Tint? I was surprised that it was exceptionally moist, a lot more than I expected. It did not crack my lips or make them stand out but blended in well. The color was natural enough for daily use. It is highly pigmented, too.

Chinese Beauty Editor Zhang Xi Yu
>> No. 8 PUNCH ADE

Editor Zhang Xi Yu’s choice was coral pink, No. 8 PUNCH ADE, which goes well with bright spring day. The color looks good on any skin tone and improves complexion, which is why it is popular as a daily item.

Real Review

What kind of lips do you have? My lips tend to get dry and chapped. I usually go for moist ones when I buy lip stains. Those without moisturizing ingredients dry my lips even more.

How was Check Glossy Blaster Tint? I have been using too cool for school’s Check Glossy Blaster Tint for quite some time now since my friend recommended it to me. I am impressed with the quality. The color looks very pretty on my lips and it lasts long. I really like that it is moist, but not sticky. No. 8 PUNCH ADE also has bright color and I think I’ll be using it frequently. You can really rely on too cool for school.

Chinese Beauty Editor Zheng Wen Lan
>> No. 9 FIESTA

FIESTA is consumers’ favorite color among the five new colors of too cool for school Check Glossy Blaster Tint. Warm red color with a hint of coral can be used for many different styles. It looks good with gradation but it gets brilliant and attractive when applied to the whole lips.

Real Review

What kind of lips do you have? I take good care of my lips because they are dry and flaky. Also they are very light in color so I am very picky in choosing a color for a lip product.

How was Check Glossy Blaster Tint? I really like its light fragrance. It has two major factors that a lip stain needs: high-pigmented color and long-lasting formula. It does not require additional coat of lip gloss for the shine. Moreover, its glossiness as well as color last longer than any other products I used.

Korean Beauty Editor Hwang Ji Hye

Editor Hwang Ji Hye used No. 10 PASSION MAGENTA, a bright and flashy pink color. Clear magenta is perfect for adding highlight to the look.

Real Review

What kind of lips do you have? I have to use lip balm frequently to prevent flakes. I use moisturizing items because I do not want my lips to appear greasy as I have oily skin type.

How was Check Glossy Blaster Tint? I like that the product was exceptionally vivid and moist. The color would go well with any style. Also, it did not leave strong stain on my cup compared to other lip stains. It was comfortable that I did not have to reapply it often because it stayed on my lips intact.

Korean Beauty Editor Jeong Yu Jin

Editor Jeong Yu Jin put on No. 11 PLUM ORCHID, a lovely pink combined with orchid color. The purplish formula changes to a very attractive hue on the lips.

Real Review

What kind of lips do you have? I have dry lips that often get flaky and I cannot help pulling them off which makes it worse. Because my lips are dry and wrinkly, I rarely use matte items.

How was Check Glossy Blaster Tint? The glossy lip stain did not make the chaps stand out. I was worried that its strong color would look awkward on me but it looked just right once I put it on. The color and its glossiness stayed on for long and I recognized the intervals between reapplications were significantly longer with this item.

too cool for school Check Glossy Blaster Tint

The lip stain’s formula is made with too cool for school’s golden recipe: 30 percent water and 70 percent oil. It is vivid, long-lasting and moist. It has all the benefits of lip gloss, lipstick and lip stains such as glossiness and distinct color.

Overall Ratings from Beauty Editors ★★★★★

Check Glossy Blaster Tint offers greater diversity of color to the customers. Those with dry lips can use the product without worrying about cracks or flakes thanks to its moisturizing ingredients. It is literally a flawless lip stain that has vivid and long-lasting formula, glossiness and wide variety of color.

(photo by too cool for school, bntnews DB)

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