Song Joong Ki-Jang Keun Suk-Hwang Chi Yeul, What These Hot Guys Have In Common


[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] In contemporary world, men need to groom themselves to be loved.

The male celebrities who captivated hearts of women viewers – Song Joong Ki and Jin Goo from drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ which is very popular not just in Korea but also in China and European countries, Jang Keun Suk and Yeo Jin Goo from drama ‘Jackpot’ and Hwang Chi Yeul, a rising Hallyu star from Chinese version of ‘I Am a Singer’ – have one thing in common: they take time to beautify themselves, which is rare for men.

For those who would like to win the title of ‘nice-looking guy’ from women, here are some simple and easy ways to groom oneself.

The Common Factor of Favorite Male Stars: ‘Clear Skin’

Think of the celebrities and other popular men around you. They have one common factor: perfect skin, which is no inferior to women’s.

Making clear and bright skin is the best way to win positive impression from others. However, that kind of skin cannot be made in a day. It requires continuous effort.

How to Make Clear Skin like the Stars?

If you want to have skin like the celebrities, you need to watch your daily routine of skin care. The biggest obstacle to men’s skin care is complexity. To reduce hassle and keep it easy, the skin care routine must be minimized.

The most basic of skin care is to remove pore-clogging residue and provide nourishment to the clean skin. Therefore, two steps are necessary for a simple care: washing face and nourishing skin.

STEP 1 Cleansing

After coming back home, wash your hands clean prior to washing your face. The reason why you need to wash your hands first is because you must avoid delivering germs on your hands to your facial skin. Use a gentle foaming cleanser or a soap bar according to your skin type to wash your face.

When cleansing, it is important to lessen the irritation on skin. Relax your fingers and softly massage your face in circular motion. Then, use lukewarm water to cleanse away the dirt and bubbles.

STEP 2 Nourishing

The best method for nourishing men’s skin without much trouble is using sheet masks. After cleansing, lightly dab your face with towel to remove excessive water and put on mask sheet.

There are different types of sheet masks that have different effects. If you do not wish to experience skin trouble from chemical ingredients, use ones made from natural ingredients. Rice is one of the best natural ingredients that have all the affects you need in order to become an attractive guy: whitening, moisturizing and soothing.

A representative sheet mask product made from rice is LAMY Cosmetics’ REAL 97% RICE PAPER EATING MASK PACK. Because the sheet was made from edible rice, it causes no irritation or trouble on skin. It is better known as ‘rice pack’.

It helps to supply whitening, moisturizing and soothing components of rice deep into the skin. For men who hate cumbersome procedures, it is the best item because it can be left on the face while the user is asleep. The sheet is soaked in essence made from rh-EGF capsulized with lecithin, plant stem cell, and other oriental herbs such as cercis chinensis and fermented red ginseng. It provides gentle but complex solutions to any skin type.

(photo by Lamy Cosmetics, bntnews DB)