Song Ji Hyo – Park Bo Young – Song Hye Kyo, Their Master Plan for a Glowing Skin


[by Yoon Ji Hye] Song Ji Hyo, Park Bo Young, and Song Hye Kyo are famous actresses who are just lovely.

They charm many people with their elegance and cuteness, but one thing that makes them even lovelier is their clear and flawless skin with invisible pores.

In this article, we will introduce some tips on how to keep your skin clear and glowing from the inside.


For a glowing skin, you need to make sure that you provide enough moisture to your skin. If your skin is dry, your base makeup will not adhere tightly on your skin. We suggest using a moisture cream to create a moist canvas for your skin makeup.

Also, use cleansing water or toner to cleanse your face. Toner perfect for the daily care as it gets rid of dead skin cells. After, apply essence or serum and pat it on your face for better absorption. Lastly, use moisture cream to provide hydration to your skin and finish your skin care steps.


One thing that is important in base makeup for a glowing skin is creating an even skin tone without dark spots. If you do not have an even skin tone, your skin looks imperfect no matter how good the base makeup products are. Therefore, use a makeup base to correct your flaws and slightly brighten up the skin tone.

You should use a moist makeup base in order to create a thin layer of makeup. Or else, your foundation could end up thick and cakey. If your skin is reddish, use a green base to get rid of the redness, and if your skin is yellow and dark, use a purple base to tone up your skin. We recommend spraying a mist on a sponge and applying your foundation with it by lightly tapping your skin for better absorption. You can create a moist and glowing base makeup.


Add highlights to your face for a glowing skin makeup. If you use highlight, you can add light to the curved area of your face and create a three-dimensional impression. For a pure and girly makeup, use highlighters with small pearl particles to create a glowing skin.

Add highlights to the middle part of your forehead and between your eyes for a round-looking forehead. Then, use a highlighter on your nose and cheeks for a sharper nose and a three-dimensional face. When you are applying highlighters, use a brush to gently sweep your face. If you want a longer-lasting effect, you may like a liquid-type highlighter better which can be applied with your fingers.

ITEMS for Glowing Skin

01. HERA Cell Essence Cell Essence
is a very functional item that keeps your skin well-hydrated and makes your skin clear and bright. Eight types of skin activators revitalize your skin and turn your skin young and healthy.

02. CATALINA GEO Color Capsule Makeup Base Catalina Geo’s Color Capsule Makeup Base has five colors that cater to every skin tone and provide natural tone correction. As you pump the product, the capsules mix with the essence and enable a light, fresh and moist makeup that lasts long.

03. BOBBI BROWN Intensive Skin Serum Foundation The serum ingredient in this product wraps around your skin tightly and creates a natural and smooth look, just like your own skin. If you want a smooth and glowing look, this is the item for you!

04. CHANEL PERLES ET FANTAISIES This is an item that adds vitality to your skin with its pearly pink and shimmering white powders. Apply it as the last step of your makeup for an illuminating effect on your skin. Since it contains very fine particles, it glides on your skin without clumping.

(photo by Catalina Geo, HERA, BOBBI BROWN, CHANEL, bntnews DB)