Song Hye Kyo-Taeyeon-Kim Yuna-Kim Ju Ha-Kim Ju Won, Celebrities from Different Fields to Take Over the Beauty Industry


[by Shin Hyun Jung /translated by Kim Young Shin] The time when actresses and singers dominated the title of beauty mentor or beauty icon is over. Recently, it is common for the authorities of various fields to present themselves as beauty mentors respected by many women.

Here are five celebrities from different fields on a roll in the beauty business.

▶ Actress Song Hye Kyo

The traditional beauty icons, actresses, are still a reliable source of beauty information. These attractive women representing Korea have taken up a continuous activity as beauty ambassadors.

Top actress Song Hye Kyo has been considered one of the Korea’s prettiest women since her debut. She is a highly-paid beauty icon thanks to her reputation. She brings sensation with her dramas and advertisements and 2016 is no exception.

▶ Singer Taeyeon

Idol singers are also style icons that play out the fantasies of the mass public with their dollish appearances and mysterious atmosphere. The aesthetic parts of their look such as makeup and skin care are paragons of beauty for young woman.

Girls’ Generation has stayed as the top Korean girl group for years and the members are examples of such case. Particularly, its member Taeyeon, also a face of a beauty brand, never stops sharing her beauty tips.

▶ Former Figure Skater Kim Yuna

These days, not only entertainers but also athletes are highly valued as beauty icons. Their charming faces and perfect bodies resulted from extreme self-control catch people’s eyes.

Kim Yuna was the one who initiated such trend. People have unbounded confidence in ‘Queen Yuna’, the world’s top figure skater who became a celebrity. Her experience of self-care is sufficient enough to make her one of the beauty care mentor. She has recently been hired as a model for a cosmetic brand.

▶ Anchor Kim Ju Ha

Opinion leaders that deliver the reality of our society and guiding public voice are also actively performing in the beauty industry. They are preferred as spokesmodels as their objective and cerebral image grants products’ credibility. This may be because consumers want the correct information of the product, not just an illusion of its effects projected on a pretty face.

Anchor Kim Ju Ha stands out from the celebrities who satisfy such qualities. Her confidence, intelligence and reliability made her the epitome of women in 21st century and a beauty mentor.

▶ Ballerina Kim Ju Won

The interest towards ballerinas and dancers who express human’s beauty through their bodily figure is growing. They put time and effort, so much that their feet deformed, to create a wonderful stage. In pursuing beauty, they invest just as much.

Ballerina Kim Ju Won, one of the hottest beauty icons, recently appeared in the top Korean cosmetic brand’s commercial video and boasted her healthy skin and young vitality.

Of the five celebrities from different fields, Taeyeon and Kim Ju Ha are the faces of Nature Republic, a Korean cosmetics brand. The company’s official explained the current trend by saying “The mass public is interested in the life of the top specialists whom they respect and aim to resemble. Even in beauty industry, people are looking for role models, not just good looking faces.”

(photo by Nature Republic, bntnews DB)