Song Hye Kyo-Gianna Jun-Song Ji Hyo, Skin Care that Helps Your Makeup Blend in


[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] As the temperature is rising outside, you start to get a concern: cakey or melting makeup.

Nothing is more frustrating than to see your makeup, which you spent your precious time for perfection, ruined. For you to keep your makeup in a flawless condition over long time, you need to pay attention to your skin care before makeup.

Here are some skin care tricks you can easily follow at home before makeup and before bed.

Your Skin Condition Depends of Night Skin Care

The most suitable time for your night skin care is from 10pm to 2am, the so-called “golden time” of skin care. It is when the skin cells most actively regenerate and hormones that help to make your skin healthy are secreted the most.

You do not need complex and tiring night care routine. Using a mask, you can nourish your skin sufficiently in short hours. Sheet mask only requires you to leave the sheet on your face for 15 to 20 minutes and lift off. Sleeping mask, which can be applied before bed and washed off the morning after, is also very easy but even more effective.

01 KICHO Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask contains 100 percent cotton sheet soaked in enriched essence made from fermented soy bean extract. It quickly nourishes the skin deep down and makes your face smooth and moist.

provides comprehensive skin care such as soothing and firming. Its strongly moisturizing formula is made from camellia oil, black ginseng, rose water and lanolin. It can be applied more evenly with sleeping pack brush.

Make Your Skin Care Simple before Makeup

It is essential to minimize the skin care before makeup because the more layers you put on, the more likely your makeup is to get lumpy or cakey. Get a moisturizer that is rich in nutrition but still light in texture. Sheep Oil cream made from lanolin which is similar to human sebum is a good example.

Lightly cover your face with a layer of cream and partially reapply as needed. Finish your skin care by evenly applying sun screen to protect your skin from strong UV rays.

01 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM’s main ingredient is lanolin extracted from lamb’s wool grown in clean environment of New Zealand. The company used German technology to purify lanolin. Although the cream is very rich, it does not leave greasiness or stickiness. It also contains extracts from eight berries which are rich in vitamin. The cream forms a strong moisture barrier underneath your makeup.

02 KICHO ULTRA MOISTURIZING SUN CREAM, SPF50/PA+++ contains no harmful ingredients. It is made from plant placenta extracted from fermented soy bean to keep the skin moisturized and healthy. The mild formula offers strong protection against both UVA and UVB during your outdoor activities. Its texture is very moist and light which allows quick absorption without leaving white cast. It is perfect for daily use.

(photo by KICHO, bntnews DB)