So Jisub-Shin Mina couple, coming close to putting on a bed-scene [Oh My Venus]


Yeongho and Jueun are interrupted by the entrance of the secretary while having a romantic mood.

As Jueun realizes how hot Yeongho is, in his casual attire, when he is doing some research on the bed, she says, “Tomorrow, we are having a bed scene?” which is something she meant to speak to herself. Yeongho, on the other hand, pretends as if he did not catch Jueun’s intention.

And, his reaction makes Jueun lose patience and she takes the initiative. Yet, Yeongho still wants to make fun of Jueun and tells her that he is too tired. Jueun, being hurt, tries to walk away, and suddenly he lays her in bed with his legs around her body. As he gives her a deep kiss and they are beginning to have a good time together, their secretary breaks into the room and stops them from moving on.

[Oh My Venus]

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