SNUPER Features in V-app ‘Idol x Idol’


[by Kim Young Shin] K-pop boy group SNUPER will kick off its show ‘SNUPER’s Real V’ through V-app’s ‘Idol x Idol’ channel.

On December 30, its agency WIDMAY said, “SNUPER will appear in V-app’s ‘Idol x Idol’ from January 3 on Sundays at 6:30pm for four episodes.”

For its first episode, the group organized numerous talks and games to present the fans with friendly and natural demeanors, which is very different from its usual ‘Prince Charming’ image on the stage.

SNUPER also announced that it will tailor the show for the fans by taking opinions from the comments of the program.

Meanwhile, ’SNUPER’s Real V‘ will start from January 3 and continue every Sunday at 6:00pm KST for four weeks on Naver V-app, ‘Idol x Idol’ channel. (photo by WIDMAY)