Sleepy Is to Disclose New Single ‘Oh Yeah’


[by Woorim Ahn] Untouchable’s Sleepy will come back as a solo.

On December 7, his agency TS Entertainment disclosed the cover image of his fourth single ‘Oh Yeah’ through the group’s official SNS.

In the cover photo, the helium balloons’ artwork saying ‘Oh Yeah’ is highlighting with the blue background.

TS Entertainment’s official said, “The new song is a trendy one as it contains jazz piano with R&B hip-hop number. Sleepy’s signature lyrics and charming voices are highlighting in the song.”

Sleepy has received much love from the mass public with high-quality songs such as ‘Tell Me Why’, ‘Vain’, ‘Crayon’ and others. He is becoming a hot celebrity as he is making activities in various entertainment programs.

Meanwhile, Sleepy’s ‘Oh Yeah’ will be released on December 9. (photo by TS Entertainment)