Six Flying Dragons’ sister and brother, Shin Se-kyung and Byun Yo-han finally meet!


Six Flying Dragons. The reunion of sister and brother Shin Se-kyung and Byun Yo-han.

The SBS 25 year anniversary special program Six Flying Dragons, is written by Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon, and directed by Shin Kyung-soo. In the drama, Ddang-sae(Byun Yo-han) and Boon-yi(Shin Se-kyung) are brother and sister, who have been unable to see each other, since they were separated when they were young.

Viewers feel for the horrible situation,in which the brother and sister have lived their lives, whilst not knowing about the other’s. Viewers have greatly been looking forward to the moment the two re-unite.

The production team of Six Flying Dragons has release some stills of Ddang-sae and Boon-yi in episode 15. In the photos, you can see the moment when the two meet, ending their long separation.

In the six years they have been separated the previously kind and naive older brother Ddang-sae has become a cold-hearted swordsman, where as his younger sister Boon-yi has grown into an ambitious woman. What will the lost brother and sister Ddang-sae and Boon-yi’s reactions be, and what will they say when they are finally re-united?

In the released photos Boon-yi’s eyes are wide with surprise as she stares at Ddang-sae. Her eyes are about to burst with tears as they meet and embrace.

Ddang-sae feels immense guilt, owing to his last words towards Boon-yi being harsh. Boon-yi’s heart stops, and her eyes and expression tell the story, when she meets her brother Ddang-sae(who she thought had died) again.

The Six Flying Dragons production staff said “Shin Se-kyung and Byun Yo-han’s dramatic reunion will cause viewers to cry. The tears you have been holding back will finally burst forth, as you see the two actors’ emotions. You will be so captivated that you forget to breath. We hope you enjoy the developing story in coming 15th episode of Six Flying Dragons.”

Episode 15 of Six Flying Dragons will air on November 23rd at 10pm.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by SBS

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