Sistar’s younger sister group Space Girls – Joy Unit


Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment’s extremely ambitious new project, a little sister group to Sistar, Space Girls, has their second unit unveiled.

Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment revealed via their official social media accounts, that Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment are revealing their new Space Girls unit, Joy Unit. Joy Unit consists of Xuan Yi, Eunseo, and Yeoreum. The three girls promotional profile pictures were also released.

In the picture the girls are wearing neutral colored school uniforms that remind us of fall. They grab our attention with their elegant and lively look. The talent agency said “Space Girls’ first unit, is Wonder Unit, and Joy Unit is the group’s second unit.

Space Girls is going to consist of four space based units. Joy Unit is composed of the most innocent and joy filled members.”


Space Girls’ Xuan Yi


Space Girls’ Eunseo


Space Girls Yeorum

Going forward both Starship Entertainment and Yuehua Entertainment, are getting ready for the girl group Space Girls’ debut at the start of next year. The group will consist of a total of 12 members who are a mix of Chinese and Koreans.

All the members were chosen for their ability to appeal to both the Korean and Chinese markets, as well as their ability to perform a specialty like singing, dancing or acting.

Starship Entertainment is busy doing work with its stars K.Will, Sistar Boyfriend, Junggigo, Mad Clown, JooYoung, Yoo Seung-woo,Monsta X, and BrotherSu. The talent agency has a greatest reputation in the country for producing hit singers, through its great management abilities.

Yuehua Entertainment, which was established in 2009, is responsible for big hit Chinese stars such as Han Geng, Jo Bi-chang, Adu, Aran, Hwang Jung, Anugi, and Jang-yao. The company this year went public on the Shangai stock exchange, allowing the company to grow further. There has been a great upsurge in interest, to see what these two great companies can produce when collaborating together.

Space Girls has two more units to announce after Joy Unit and Wonder Unit.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Starship Entertainment

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