‘Single Rider’ Reveals Character Posters


[by Woorim Ahn] ‘Single Rider’s poster was revealed.

On February 9, ‘Single Rider’ distribution company Warner Brothers Korea disclosed the three leading roles’ character posters.

‘Single Rider’ is a sentimental drama film drawing a shocking truth as Kang Jae Hoon (Lee Byung Hun) gets to off to Australia to find his family. It became a hot issue as it filmed in Australia that rarely happens in Korean film industry.

The character posters caught the audiences’ attention as it revealed their various emotions.
First of all, Kang Jae Hoon’s lonely eyes aroused the fans’ curiosity for the happenings to him in Australia and his wife Lee Soo Jin (Gong Hyo Jin) seems she is waiting for someone. Moreover, Yoo Jin Ah (Ahn So Hee), who went to Australia as working holiday, looks happy for something else.

Meanwhile, ‘Single Rider’ will premiere on February 22. (photo by Warner Brothers Korea)

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