Showtime Infinite members fight to the king of competitions.


Infinite’s Woohyun won some fierce competitions against other members. (because gambling is illegal in Korea)

On the coming February 14th episode of MBC Every1’s Showtime Infinite, they will offer challenges to each other, and they will determine the king of competitions by whoever wins the most.

The members of Infinite were overflowing with the desire to win, even the smallest things. The members’ fighting spirits were even higher than normal before the competitions. Woohyun even did the best at Rock, Paper, Scissors, winning him the title of strongest.

Showtime Infinite

That is how everything started, and Woohyun, continued to win each crazy event they held, destroying the other members. and according to the rules which were decided on before hand, the first place Woohyun got to draw on other people’s faces. It was also decided that the losing members would have to go out and buy ice cream for the winner.

The members of Infinite the played the Son-Byeong-Ho(손병호) game. It is like the game “I have never” except instead of drinking when someone says something which applies to you, you put down one of the five fingers on your hand, until you are out.

Members said “who ever is older than me take down one finger!” and “Whoever is wearing heavy makeup today take one down!”. After Rock Paper Scissors, there were only two final members left to determine who would receive punishment, Woohyun and Sungjong. The members who were previously supporting Woohyun, switched their support to Sungjong who had received harsh punishments.

Showtime Infinite

Sungjong said “I’ve almost never lost in Rock, Paper Scissors against you!” Woohyun who had previously been boasting faced Sungjong in the final round and lost. Hoya was not able to talk or give support, due to a previous punishment.

Woohyun even had to wear a mask for a bit to prevent him from talking as punishment, causing everyone to laugh at him. Infinite had seemingly infinitely fierce challenges. You can see the upcoming episode this Thursday January 14th at 6:00pm on MBC Every1’s Showtime Infinite.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Choi Soo-young.

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