Showtime Infinite, 2015 White Confession group produced music video



The latest episode of Showtime Infinite is being aired today, December 24th on MBC Every1. In the coming episode, the seven members of Infinite did all the parts, in the production of their own music video, for their song White Confession. In the music video Sungkyu uses a yarn based marriage proposal.

The members of Infinite decided to make a special music video as a gift to their fans for Christmas. The theme they decided on for the video, is one that will cause people’s hearts to flutter the first time they see it.

Dongwoo suggested doing a stunning proposal, by having a plane write it out in the sky. But the members said he can’t, because this is a low budget production. While being turned down for the proposal, it is a scene that everyone has dreams about. Dongwoo couldn’t hide his expression during the exchange.

122402-2In the White Confession music video, Songkyu chose to do a yarn engagement ring proposal.

The results of Sungkyu’s hard work are sure to be exactly what the ladies ordered. In the heart racing proposal scene, the wool ring trick from the movie Step Mom was used.

A thread was tied to the girlfriend’s finger and on the other end a rind was put and slide down onto her finger, in the iconic scene. Director Woohyun put his heart and soul into the project and this scene.

However actually getting the ring on the finger was not easy. They needed to restart repeatedly as Woohyun kept yelling “smile! smile!” at Sungkyu who was the one acting the part with a serious expression. Shooting the proposal scene was not easy for Sungkyu.

Eventually Sungkyu said “Don’t you have any directions for me besides to smile?” He complained, but in front of the camera he followed Woohyun’s directions and gave a beautiful smile. Even a production crewmember that was watching said that it was an awesome scene that will make people’s hearts flutter.

Infinite’s Woohyun working as the director for White Confession.

They are willing to enduring great difficulties for their fans. Thanks to the passionate director Nam Woohyun and each member’s proposal scenes, have serious heavy acting. Thanks to the efforts of all the members, the special 2015 music video for White Confession is sure to impress fans. You can see it today December 24th at 6pm on MBC Every1’s Showtime Infinite.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by MBC Every1

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