Shinhwa’s Shin Hye Sung Reveals Tracklist for Upcoming Album ‘Serenity’ to be Released on September 5th


[by Ent Team] Shin Hye Sung reveals tracklist for his new album.

Gaining the attention of fans, Shin Hyesung released his new album tracklist for his special album ‘Serenity’ today (17th) ahead of its September 5th release through the Liveworks Company official SNS.

There is high anticipation for the album as there are 6 songs including the title song ‘Still There’, ‘Please Stay’, ‘Painful Love’, ‘Take Care’, ‘Suddenly’, and ‘Sound of Rain’.

Especially as the title song ‘Still There’ is a ballad song that tells of a man’s affection heart as he waits for his lover who has left him, like raindrops falling, the nylon guitar melody and Shin Hye Sung’s sweet voice harmonize together from beginning to end and will appeal to the fall listeners’ sensitivity.

Also, along with the release of Shin Hyesung’s special album, he will be holding his second extended concert from September 9th until October 1st at Seoul Hannam-dong Blue Square Samsung Card Hall ‘2017 Shin Hye Sung Weekly Concert ‘Serenity’. Including the live stage of his new album, it will be a special musical exchange between Shin Hyesung and his fans where they can feel his deep feelings.

His company Liveworks Company relayed, “We released Shin Hyesung’s tracklist today. Just as much as it is a 10 year anniversary special album and an album release after a long time, he worked hard in order to show songs with his own deep sensitivity so we ask that fans anticipate and have a lot of interest in the album.”

Meanwhile starting from September 9th until October 1st, ‘2017 Shin Hye Sung Weekly Concert ‘Serenity’ is scheduled to be held at Blue Sqare Samsung Card Hall as his second extended concert. (photo by Liveworks Company)