Shinhwa Jun Jin to Make His Screen Debut in China


[by Bae Jung Yun] Shinhwa Jun Jin will make his first debut on the big screen in Chinese movie.

On April 15, his agency Daydream entertainment officially announced, “Recently, Jun Jin was cast in the Chinese movie ‘PILI BACK’ and he is preparing for his screen debut in China.”

The movie is a comedy genre film directed by famous director Gao Fei and produced by Stanley Tong, who directed the movie ‘The Myth’ and ‘Police Story 4’ and produced ‘CA12’.

In addition, VanNess Wu from ‘Meteor Garden’, Bai Kainan, Yu Qian, Christopher Downs and Taiwan nation’s top actress, Li Wu Lin will star in the film.

He will play a villain character for the first time that has conflict with the main character VanNess Wu. Particularly, his character is unique that it is able to manage fire because of the special genetic transformation.

The movie planned for its premiere in January, 2017. It will hold a production press conference on April 25 and start its first filming. He will start his first filming in the beginning of June.

Meanwhile, lately, Jun Jin held a solo fan meeting event in Japan and participated in ‘KCON 2016 Japan’. He showed off his dignity as an original Hallyu (Korean wave) idol by receiving enthusiastic popularity in Japan. (photo by Daydream Entertainment)