SHINee, “Jeon Hyun Moo isn’t the sixth member of us”


[by Woorim Ahn] SHINee appeared in ‘Happy Together3’.

On the upcoming episode of KBS ‘Happy Together3’, SHINee, Kim Jimin and Lee Guk Joo will show up and have talk battles.

During filming the episode, the group revealed its frank opinion about Jeon Hyun Moo dancing ‘Lucifer’. Minho said, “When Hyun Moo firstly danced along the song, it was touching. However, when he became popular with it, his choreography went all messed up and he told everyone that he raised us. I think he lost his original intention.”

He added, “Jeon Hyun Moo told people that he was proved as the sixth member of SHINee, but we never did it” and made everyone laugh. Jonghyun also said, “When I didn’t know about Hyun Moo, he messaged me through SNS. I’m suspicious whether he needed it or not” and Hyun Moo admitted, “I got friendly with them intentionally” and made the studio full of laughter.

Moreover, SHINee and Jeon Hyun Moo made another collaboration as the group taught Hyun Moo the choreographies of ‘1 of 1’. SHINee said, “He has dragged with ‘Lucifer’, now it’s time for him to try a new thing.”

Meanwhile, ‘Happy Together3’ with SHINee will air on October 20 at 11:10pm KST. (photo by KBS)