Shin Mina and Lee Honey’s Dress Look


[by Jung Ah Young] Two actresses with lovely face, Shin Mina and Lee Honey made a comeback to our living rooms with brand new dramas. They each play a leading role in 2017’s anticipated dramas, ‘Tomorrow with you’ and ‘Rebel: Thief who stole the people’.

The fresh and bright allures of the two actresses who made their appearance at the production briefing event raised the anticipation of the drama and drew attentions. Let’s take a look at the styling of Shin Mina and Lee Honey, who wore the one-piece dresses with individual personalities.

Unique Design One-Piece Dress- Shin Mina

Shin Mina, with a fresh short cut hair, caught audience’s eyes with a long Khaki one-piece dress. She rocked a unique styled dress with feminine body line and emphasized shoulders detail.

She added sexiness to her outfit with a front slit that exposed her legs. She looked gorgeous with drop earrings that come down to her neck line and bright red lips to complete an elegant style that only an actress can pull off.

Dazzling Yellow one-piece dress- Lee Honey

Lee Honey brighten the even with a spring like dazzling yellow one-piece dress. The calf length dress with a ribbon detail to emphasize her waist created a feminine look.

The elegant medium length hair, bold earrings and black stiletto heels blended harmoniously to complete a perfect style.

Wear the dress like an actress

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